Color Therapy

Color therapy (also known as chromotherapy) makes use of the healing energies contained within the visible rays of color and has been used as a therapeutic tool for thousands of years – it influences us in all areas of life. Many ancient cultures from the Mayans to the Native Americans knew how the different colors in nature affected them and used colors to bring balance and harmony in all areas of their lives. Light and color connected them to nature and to the rhythms of the universe.

Color therapy is a method of healing the whole person, bringing into balance the emotional, mental and physical well-being of the patient. By creating a balance of color energies specific to the individual, color therapists can achieve harmony and balance between the body, mind and spirit.

Color therapy is a non-invasive therapy that makes use of the healing energy contained within the visible rays of color. It is a complementary therapy, which works in a subtle way with many other types of treatment, although it can and is used on its own with excellent results.

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